The working party

The National Working Party on Pesticide Applications brings a national, coordinated, technical approach to spray drift issues.

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The vision

The vision of the working party is that the regulatory system is science-based and recognises the use of drift reduction technologies, better education and practice to enable the use of smaller, practical buffer zones.

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The research program

The working party has developed a program of research to help fulfil that vision.

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Working Party reports

Reports on project activities of the National Working Party on Pesticide Applications are available.

NWPPA reports


Watch the videos that were filmed at the NWPPA Annual meeting in June 2014 in Canberra.


Videos from Grains Research and Development Corporation Ground Cover TV

The spray drift reducing technology is readily available and in some cases can be as simple as updating the nozzles on your spray rig.

Quantifying the impact of spray nozzles, pressure and formulations on spray quality and it implications for chemical spray drift.

Warnertown farmer Brian Tiller decided to adopt best practice principles to match spray timing to local weather conditions.