Executive Committee

The National Working Party for Pesticide Applications (NWPPA) Executive Committee – comprised of technical representatives from grower groups,  spray manufacturers, spray applicators and research and development corporations, across viticulture, horticulture and broad acre agriculture – guides the work of the NWPPA.

The Executive Committee meets regularly either face to face or via teleconference.

In 2014, the Executive Committee met face-to-face on 29 May and 24 November as well as by teleconference on 17 March.

In 2013, the Executive Committee met face-to-face 12 June and 28 November as well as by teleconference on 10 April and 21 October.

2015-16 National Working Party on Pesticide Applications Executive Committee

Gavan Cattanach Independent Chair
Gerard Barbell Nufarm
Jolyon Burnett Australian Macadamia Society
Ross Gillies HVP Plantations
Melanie Gengos Adama Australia
Keith Hayes Australian Grape and Wine Authority
Phil Hurst Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia
Alastair James CropLife Australia
Matt Kealley Canegrowers
Pete Mailler Grain Producers Australia
Joe Murrell Australian Groundsprayers Association
Jodi Pedrana Horticulture Innovation Australia
Trevor Ranford Pistachio Growers’ Association
Michael Schaefer AusChem Training
Colin Sharpe Dow
Ken Young Grains Research & Development Corporation

Meeting of the Executive Committee