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Gavan Cattanach

Independent Chair

Gavan hasĀ a very good understanding of agricultural issues and the workings of government having worked at senior levels within the Australian Government including over a decade with the Department of Agriculture. He has represented the Australian Government a number of international meetings and he also represented the Commonwealth on a number of inter-governmental working committees, including the Australian Weeds Committee and the Vertebrate Pests Committee. Gavan has also provided secretariat and administrative support to a number of high level working groups including the National Weeds Advisory Group and the Australian Weeds Research Centre Advisory Board. Early in his career, he also provided secretariat and administrative support to a number of Senate Committees.

Nicholas Woods

NWPPA Secretariat

Nick has wide experience in the agricultural chemical industry ranging from the commercial aerial application of pesticides to a 20 year university research career investigating the development, application, registration, safety and environmental impact of agricultural and public health pesticides. He has a Bachelor of Science degree (physics & biology, joint hons), and Master in Bio-aeronautics from Cranfield University in the UK. Nicholas is currently Program Manager, National Strategies and Policy Coordination at Plant Health Australia in Canberra.