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NWPPA Annual Meeting June 2013

The 2013 National Working Party on Pesticide Applications was held on 13 June 2013 at the Federal Club Club in Canberra with about 50 industry and government stakeholders attending.

The Chair reported on what has been achieved over the past year, what is currently underway and what is planned in the future.

This was followed by perspectives from governments with Dr Raj Buhl, Program Manager, Pesticides Program outlining the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority consideration of spray drift policy considerations.  Dr Donald Ward, Manager, AGVET (Domestic and International) provided an outline on the Australian Government’s agricultural and veterinary chemical reforms.  Mr John Kassebaum, Manager, Rural Chemical, Department of Primary Industries and Resources (SA) provided a state perspective particularly as the states have responsibility for control of use.

The next session was on drift reduction technologies, with Pete Mailler, Grain Producers Australia and NWPPA Executive Member, providing a farmer’s perspective on the need to drift reduction technologies.  Drs Andrew Hewitt and  Gary Dorr, from the University of Queensland, provided the meeting with an update on the work being undertaken at the wind tunnel at the Gatton Campus of the University measure how DRTs reduce drift.

Nicholas Woods, Program Manager, National Strategies and Policy Coordination at Plant Health Australia, provided an update on the work doing done on the regulatory assessment systems and end point assessments in the session, entitled Science – New Approaches.

Andrew Weidemann, Director Grain Producers Australia, provided an outline of their work to develop a stewardship program within the grains industry.

Joe Murrell, Chair, Australian Groundsprayers Association and NWPPA Executive Member, provided an update on current practices and technologies that reduce drift.  Dave Rumbold,  Project Officer, Victorian Department of Primary Industry provided the final results from the survey undertaken in Victoria on spray practices.

In the final session, Warwick Grace, Grace Research Network, outlined the work being done on mircometerology and surface temperature inversion.  Anne Duncan from the Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation and Andrew Hewitt, Queensland University, provided an outline of a new viticulture field trial.

Copies of all the speaker presentations are available from the NWPPA secretariat upon request.